Time Management Strategies for Competitive Exams

Numerous competitive exams are conducted every year for different purposes. Some of the most competitive exams in India include UPSC exams, JEE mains, CAT exam, etc. These exams require the candidates to be confident and thoroughly prepared with the basic concepts. For example, for JEE Mains, candidates should be confident with basic topics like Newton’s laws, Ohm’s law, and also with syllabus topics i.e. class 11 and 12 topics. On the other hand, for UPSC exams, candidates should be thorough with all the subjects, including general awareness.

Apart from a proper preparation, the aspirants of different competitive exams should have proper time management strategies as the exams are mostly time-bound. So, to help the candidates, some of the best time-management strategies are given here.

  • Start Easy Questions First

It is suggested to go through the questions and check the questions that from the well-prepared topics and attempt those in the beginning. It should also be noted that excessive time should not be given to any question as double the number of questions can be solved in that time.

  • Learn to Skip

In almost all competitive exams, some difficult and lengthy questions are included. It is suggested to leave them and move on to the other questions and come back to those later. Also, it is better to leave certain questions in which one is not confident enough as they might fetch negative marking.

  • Avoid Getting Obsessed with Unattempted Questions

In the exam, there are certain questions that candidates fail to attempt even after having a good knowledge of the respective topics. So, it is always advisable that those questions are best left unattempted as those may waste a lot of time. Such questions can be attempted later if there is spare time.

  • Strategize Personal Test-taking Strategy

Different candidates have different abilities and so, strategizing an individual test-taking strategy is important. For example, in CAT exam, if someone is not good at reading comprehension, he/she should attempt the RC and grammar questions alternatively so as to not get bored and lose focus.

These were a few time management tips that can help the candidates of competitive exams to manage their timing well. Apart from these tips, it is suggested that the candidates read the newspapers in the competitive exam as they are appearing for an exam that has a general awareness section. Also, for engineering based competitive exams, it is important that the students be thorough with the basic concepts like string theory, quantum mechanics, wave theory, etc. as these are crucial for most engineering entrance exams like JEE.

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