How to Score Good Marks in CBSE 12 Board Exam

How to Score Good Marks in CBSE 12 Board Exam

Students are becoming increasingly stressed about the board exams as they need to focus on a wide degree of material from formulas, applications, derivations, diagrams, reactions, equations, examples, flowcharts, and problems. But the fact is, if they clear all the concepts and have a good preparation strategy then there is no reason to panic. Beneath are some of the effective tips that will help students to score good marks in CBSE 12 board exam.

Exam preparation tips to score good marks in CBSE 12 board exam.

Collect relevant subject material according to the syllabus

This is the best way to start with the preparations, as students get a clear idea about the syllabus, important topics and they can decide how much time is required to allot to studying for the exam. If possible try to make a list of all the formulae, important points, and other basic terminologies by referring textbooks and NCERT solutions for class 9 and 10.

Highlight the important terms

While studying, underline important terms, keywords, and phrases in the textbook. This practice will boost your revision well. Once you have completed your chapter, you just have to go through the important points that are the underlined sentences to get the summary of the chapter.

Solve more Question Papers

The more question papers you solve, the stronger your preparation would be. Try to finish the sample papers and previous year question papers timed exactly like board exams, as it helps in improving the time management skill.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice every diagram, graphs, solved examples, other important concepts from the NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions for class 12 maths and Science. Always start the preparations with the concepts that you are thorough with and then slowly move on to the concepts that you feel totally new. By doing these, students can gain more concentration towards their studies.

These were a few simple and easy preparation tips.

Apart from these, students need to remember a few important points like, to never panic during the examination. If fear overpowers you even the best of the best strategies may go wrong. Therefore, it is best to follow a relaxation technique and stay calm.

To stay stress-free, students should always start with the easy, objective type questions, and then followed with three marks and five marks, and other long type questions. This plan is advisable only if it suits you.

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